What is uPVC?

Unplasticised Poly-Vinyl-Chloride or simply called as uPVC is a specially engineered compound developed after thirty years of intensive research by professionals. It is one of the key components used in the manufacturing of windows, doors, shutters, automobile body parts and other building materials.
Researchers and scientists emphasize that there will not be another compound in the near future with the better standards for durability and overall performance in outdoor commercial application products.

uPVC bears the quality that the modern technology demands. It beats the challenge of durability, excellent insulation and low maintenance costs when compared to timber and aluminium. They indeed have high quality control and user comfort. They are smartly designed to reduce the transfer of heat and in turn reduce energy loss which can cut down your electricity bill.

Why uPVC ?

uPVC is more than twice as efficient resulting in far greater energy savings. uPVC is a stable and inert material which will withstand extremes of heat and cold without corroding, chipping, peeling or flaking. With multi locking system it provides high security too. The windows installed in several homes throughout Europe and America is found excellently functioning even after fifty sixty years. As they are resistant to saline water, they can be utilised in homes closer to sea.

Lifelong Durability

Pollution free

Burglar Resistance

Termite Resistance

Impact Resistance

Fire Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

Low on Maintenance

Ageing Resistance

UV Stability- Efficient Thermal Insulation

High Acoustic / Sound Insulation

Maximum Wind Resistance

Ecologically sound as it is 100% recyclable

Water Tightness / Weather Tightness

High Weather Resistance even in coastal areas

Highly adaptable to architectural requirements

and above all self-earning by saving 30% of your energy bills.

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